Welcome High School Students and Parents!

Thank you for your interest in Trish’s Online Course for High School Seniors, Class of 2017! (And their parents, too!)

For a monthly subscription fee, you will have access to over 30 quick video segments where Trish will guide you through an easy-to-follow, task-oriented program where you’ll discover how to effectively use college planning resources available on the Internet and at your high school and pubic library.

The video course works to keep you organized by keeping your "college planning" binder up-to-date using worksheets and reference sheets available for download as Companion Files to her book, College Apps: Selecting, Applying to, and Paying for the Right College for You.

Coursework extends over a 10-month period commencing in September and concluding after National College Enrollment Deposit Day on May 1st!

Students report satisfaction with Trish’s short video clips which provide a clear, concise explanation leaving them to complete tasks on their own.

Parents appreciate the binder-based organization system which allows them to review their child’s progress while providing timely support and feedback.

Guidance Counselors look forward to working with students who have a vested, hands-on interest in their career and college planning goals. The college planning binder is a welcome addition to all meetings!

Please join us as Trish explores the college planning and application processes through her weekly video checkpoints.

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