College Apps: Selecting, Applying to, and Paying for the Right College for You
Trish Portnoy, CPA, MS ED


Simplifying the entire “going to college” process for students and parents

Attention high school seniors and students! This book should be a breeze to read. I’ve been teaching high school students for more than 15 years, and I know what it takes to keep you engaged while guiding you through this critical and often stressful time.

You have many people to assist you in this process, including your parents, guidance counselor, teachers, siblings, and family friends and relatives. Accept their input and guidance. Listen to their stories, advice, and warnings. Take it all in, contemplate their concerns and guidance, and then synthesize a plan of your own design. The results of your efforts will be revealed during the spring and summer of your senior year. At that time, you will make sound, confident choices with regard to career direction, college selection, and financial and resource management. Your stress about the transition to college will be reduced because you’ll know what is expected, you’ll comprehend the U.S. higher education system, and you’ll be aware of its potential pitfalls and risks.

I wish you good luck during this time of planning and dreams. It is very exciting, full of promise, growth, and action. Be prepared—you need to complete and manage many responsibilities and requirements. Ask for help and direction when you need it; don’t lose focus. From all the craziness, a path will emerge. Follow it.

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Trish Portnoy, CPA, MS Ed has a professional diploma in educational leadership and administration and more than 15 years of experience teaching career education and college preparation coursework to secondary students on Long Island.

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