Trish Portnoy
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I would like to thank my students and Business Education Department colleagues at West Islip High School. To my College Freshman Seminar students and contributors: Thank you for sharing your dreams, career aspirations, and experiences with me. It was a pleasure and an honor to participate in your plans and assist you on your journey.

Special thanks go out to my good friends and support team: Katie and Mikey Sipala, Ellen Fantauzzi, Maria Tavernise, and Tricia Morgigno. My professional mentors, Jerilyn Ingold, Joan Rizzo, and Ken Hartill, were instrumental in defining the depth and impact of my work in teaching and assisting students on their journeys. Special thanks to Sue Huscilowitc for her hands-on management style and her confidence in my ability to take college preparation to the next level.
To my editors, Mitzi and Cathleen, thank you for your vision and support in making my efforts to help others a reality. Arnold and Ruth, my biggest fans: USPNF—If you study perseveringly, you shall never fail.

And always, much love and appreciation to my family, Darrin and Jules, for their love and support in all of my endeavors. Thank you, for I am blessed to have you both in my life.
Everything is a possibility for those who believe in themselves.


About Trish Portnoy

Trish Portnoy has been teaching at the West Islip School District since 1997. She’s earned degrees from Lehigh University, Dowling College and LIU Post. Trish is a natural helper who loves to answer questions, give advice and simplify life. Her brother-in-law, Adam calls her “Tell it like it is Trish.” This is Trish’s second book about applying to college and the first in her ASK Trish series.