Sample Worksheet

  1. What are your student’s strengths, both academically and socially?
  2. What do you see as areas that need fine-tuning or improvement, both academically and socially?
  3. Which area(s) of interest is your student drawn to?
    a. Math/Scienceb. Technology/Computersc. Art/Music
    d. People/Social
    e. Tools/Mechanics
  4. How does your student prefer to collaborate with others?
    a. Work aloneb. Work with a teamc. Work quietly
    d. Manage or lead others
    e. Discuss, debate, and argue
  5. How does your student prefer to spend his or her free time?
    a. Socializing with friendsb. Working with technologyc. Helping others
    d. Readinge. Outdoorsf. Performing
    g. Creating or building
  6. When your student was younger, what did he or she want to be when they grew up?
  7. Is there a family business or career opportunity that is available to your student?
    If so, please explain.

  8. Has your student expressed a desire to go into a specific career field? If so, which one?
  9. What could be the problems or pitfalls that you see with regard to your student achieving
    this goal?
  10. How well is your student prepared for college, academically and motivationally?
  11. How well have you prepared for your student to attend college, emotionally and financially?
  12. Do you have any expectations or restrictions regarding where or when your student can attend college?
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