Welcome Parents!!

The college selection, application, and admissions process can be overwhelming, causing unnecessary pressure on your family.

Take a minute and breathe.

Step by step, Applying to College with Trish's online course will explain the resources, process and requirements in an easy-to-follow program.  

You must understand what your child needs to do so you can support his/her efforts while not adding any additional stress. And, you should understand the process because it is your child's destiny in the making.

Throughout the course you will have unlimited access to short videos that will explain and demystify "college."  In addition, exercises and short tasks will be assigned while reminders and to-do lists prompt students to move forward...all this will help to keep your child on track during his/her senior year.

Here are some of the topics that we will cover together: Naviance's Family Connection, Your Counselor & Resources, Researching Colleges Online, Your Career Path & Major, Completing Applications Online, Activity Sheet/Resume, College Essay, The Common Application, Calculating Total Cost of Attendance, Your Financial Situation & Loans, Understanding & Applying for Financial Aid, College Navigator's Government Data, Choosing Your College, Success at School, and more! 

Each fall, I am personally inspired by my students' journeys through career planning and college selection. I eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring, when they seek me out to share the news of their final plans and thank me for the inspiration, exercises, and daily prompts that guided them.

View introductory lessons on Trish's YouTube Channel Applying to College with Trish: Introduction to College Planning Video Course

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