College Push Features

My Vitals
Store your important academic information at your fingertips, including your advisor’s phone number and email address, SAT and ACT scores, and more.

My Perfect Fit
View a snapshot of the most important data related to college admission and selection, including SAT/ACT scores, tuition, and retention and graduation rates.  Custom fields allow you to record your personal insights for each of your “Favorite” schools to decide which is best for you!

Daily Push
Receive daily instructions, tasks and reminders to assist you through the college selection and application process.

Helpful Links
View a list of most popular college planning websites and convenient links to pages, including College Board, ACT, FastWeb and more.

Notes & Reminders
Record your ideas and set reminders for important tasks and due dates, all through syncing with your smartphone calendar.

My Colleges
Search a listing of 3,000+ U.S. colleges with links to official website.  Add schools to “My Favorites” by selecting “Will Apply” or “May Apply”.

My Passwords
Store usernames and password hints to the most-used college planning portals, including College Board, Common App, FAFSA and more.  Add additional URLs through the customize option.

Share your personal College Push research and plans with parents and guidance counselor through the unique PDF email export feature.