is a useful college planning tool that provides you with just enough information and organization in the palm of your hand or on your iPhone…which you most likely are looking at right NOW. You can download the app to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch directly through iTunes and the App Store by following the link from my website Here it is…the main screen…we’ll start our tour with MY VITALS…my vitals
Here you enter your high school’s name, address, CEEB code…which is an ID number used when you register for the SATs.  You also will enter your academic info and your guidance counselor’s contact phone and email address.  Finally, enter the scores you’ve earned on the SAT and ACT exams…which will be a starting point and big help in identifying potential college.
my profile
Navigating from the Main Screen, and will jump down to MY PROFILE.  Here, you can customize the colors for College Push...should you make them match your high school’s colors or perhaps your #1 college pick? I’m going to go with these… In this area, you’ll be adding data which will eventually appear on a summary report that can be shared through the EXPORT function...but more about this in a bit. Some of the information you’ll enter is readily available, such as your name, address, contact information, etc.  Other information can be entered after you complete some of the activities that we will work through while reading College Apps: Selecting, Applying to and Paying for the Right College for You
college apps cover
or by following along with the videos in this series: Applying to College with Trish. For example, by using Naviance’s Family Connection, you will complete two assessments… the Career Interest Profiler which will reveal your Holland Code and Do What You Are, also known as Meyers Briggs…both of these tasks will help you to learn more about your natural interests and abilities.  You will also take the VARK Learning Style Assessment by following the link on pages 196/197  of College Apps or by navigating to

Let’s go back to the home screen so I can demonstrate the beauty of MY PASSWORDS. For your convenience, we’ve added a few popular website account portals…like Naviance’s Family Connection, College Board, ACT Student, Common App, etc. 

The links are active…so you can click and access the webpage.  You can also enter your username and a password hint.  There is even a built in copy & paste button so you don’t have to retype them.  One point…you do need to add some information to the link for Naviance’s Family Connection …it may be just a word or abbreviation because each schools gets to use a custom link. 
my passwords
In MY PASSWORDS you can add more websites, usernames and password hints by clicking the PLUS sign at the top right of the screen and entering the information just like I did here for my  SUNY Application….for the State University of New York’s website.

my colleges
Always navigating from the Home Screen, you can use the MY COLLEGES button to add specific colleges to your list of favorites…you can follow the links to view the schools’ official websites, you add them by name or on someone’s recommendation… but all school are subject to additional research.
my perfect fit
So, those same favorite colleges will be now listed in MY PERFECT FIT  where you will be able to view key information and admissions data.  Also, if you click the Drop-Down Arrow, you will be able to add your own personal analysis for each school. HELPFUL LINKS are self-explanatory and very useful.  And, NOTES & REMINDERS are, as well.
daily push
On to DAILY PUSH which give you an opportunity to test your knowledge about college, how to apply to college, and college life.  Check it each day for a question, tip or a point to ponder. The EXPORT feature creates an email with PDF attachment that you can send to yourself, your parents, guidance counselor or other interested party.  The report summarizes the information you entered from MY VITALS, MY PROFILE, and MY PERFECT FIT.
is a useful college planning tool that provides you with just enough information and organization in the palm of your hand or on your iPhone…which you most likely sleep with at night. That’s it.   I am looking forward to working with you on this project. 

COLLEGE PUSH offers great features to assist you…without overwhelming you with details and small print.  Download it, start entering your information, get a head start on those assessments and come back when you have it all ready because in next video, we are starting the journey! 

Pack your bags! You can show me you’re ready by using #applywithtrish and tweeting me @TrishPortnoy